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Our Academic and Examinations Board

Our Academic Board

Our Academic Board oversees all academic programmes currently offered by the Academy.  In general, the Academic Board's roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Developing and reviewing the policies and procedures on all academic matters of the Academy, including but not limited to academic quality assurance measures; and

  • Facilitating the implementation of, and compliance with, such policies and procedures.

Our Examination Board

Our Examination Board is responsible for the development of examination and assessment procedures for our Academy.  Such responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • the security of examination scripts and answer scripts;

  • the conduct of examinations and assessments;

  • the duties and responsibilities of invigilators and markers;

  • the moderation of examination and assessment marks; and

  • the handling of appeals from students with regard to examination or assessment matters.

At present, the members of the Academic Board and Examination Board are as follows:

Mr. Muthiah S/O Rethinam

Mr Muthiah S/O Rethinam is the Chairman of our Examination Board and a member of the Academic Board.

Mr. Muthiah graduated with a Masters in Sports and Exercise Studies from Nanyang Technological University. Throughout his career, he has been heavily involved in athletics and coached the Singapore Junior Track & Field Team, the ITE Combine Track & Field Team, and was a member of the Singapore Athletic Association Coaching Team. He has various certifications in fitness and coaching, including the International Amateur Athletic Federation Advanced Coaching Certificate. His experience and knowledge in sports training and coaching has made him  an invaluable member of the ISA.

Mr. Mark Chay

Mr. Mark Chay is the Chairman of our Academic Board, and a member of our Examination Board.

Mr. Mark Chay graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah, United States of America, with a major in Communications.  In his youth, he was a member of Team Singapore’s Swimming Team, and had participated in numerous international competitions such as the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, SEA games, World Swimming and Diving Championships, and the Olympic Games on two separate occasions.

In recognition of his sporting excellence, Mr. Mark Chay was named as Singapore’s Flag bearer and team captain on various occasions.  In fact, he was also named Sportsboy and Sportsman of the Year in 2000 and 2001, respectively.

Ms. Phua Xiu Quan

Xiu Quan attained her Bachelor's in Sports Science and Management from Nanyang Technological University, and a Diploma in Sport and Wellness from Nanyang Polytechnic. During her tertiary education, she completed a 6-month internship with the Singapore Swimming Association, assisting in the organization of the National Championships and time trials. She also assisted with the execution of fitness-related programmes under Team Axis Pte Ltd. 


Her role in ISA involves the full administration of the Academic department - from the planning of academic programmes to liaising with external partners and assisting students with all academic matters.


During her free time, Xiu Quan is involved in the sport of Competitive Lifesaving. She also does freelance swimming coaching, with her qualifications obtained from Swimming Teachers' Association (UK).

Ms. Soh Sze Ying

Ms. Soh Sze Ying is a member of both our Academic Board, and Examination Board.


Sze Ying graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science and Management.  She is also a gold medalist in the 2015 SEA Games in the women's K4 500m race, and served as the Captain of the University’s Canoeing team.

With her experience in the local sporting industry, together with her knowledge in sports and exercise science, she will no doubt be an invaluable member of the Academy's Academic and Examination Board.

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