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1. The ISA Group Referral Rewards Programme is open to all The ISA Group students with effect from 14 May 2020.

2. Referee must be a new student who is not previously enrolled at The ISA Group.
3. Referrer must have completed an ISA Course befo...

This week, ISA is proud to feature Harrold Lee, our alumni from ISA Diploma in Sports Science & Management!

Here's what Harrold has to say about ISA:

"I chose to pursue the private education route as I wanted to study modules that are relevant to the industry and upgrade...

ISA is proud to feature Abdul Hadi, our alumni from United States Sports Academy (USSA) Diploma of Sports Science & Management.

Here's what Abdul Hadi has to say about ISA: 

“ISA has provided and offered a lot of opportunities for professional certifications essential fo...

Hello there!

Want to find out more about your Fitness level and exactly where do you stand in a pool of fitness enthusiasts?

ISA is carrying out a Fitness Testing at actiFIT Asia 2019 on 23 March and 24 March from 10am to 6pm. The ISA Fitness Testing will only take y...

Entering the campus of International Sports Academy with light steps, Muhd Zulqarnaen is a highly motivated individual who is attempting an unconventional route for his education and sporting career. We sat down with Muhd Zulqarnaen to find out more.

  1. Tell us more ab...

October 14, 2018

When you think about it, pretty much everyone has tried to do a push-up at at least one point in their lives. Push-ups are the most common strength training exercise. Bar none. More than pull-ups, or even crunches.

However, have you ever asked yourself,...

September 20, 2018


What are you working as?

I am working as a BU head in Force 21 Equipment Pte Ltd managing a fitness business.

Describe a typical day at work.
Starts around 0730hrs, clear emails, attend to admin and operations matters, meetings with customers, network with potentia...

September 2, 2018

People have been successfully convinced that they need to spend their hard-earned money on gym memberships. To get your attention, there are gyms that are willing to do anything to get your signature by offering flashy workouts that are often less effective. Fortunatel...

August 13, 2018

There is a massive “follow-me” trend in the fitness industry to glorify exercise as an all-out war on the body.

I call it the “capitalism” of fitness and health—all the military-style boot camps, Latin dance-inspired workouts, ridiculously intense pseudo workout routi...

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