Spotlight on ECU Alumni: Roy Chan

What are you working as? I am working as a BU head in Force 21 Equipment Pte Ltd managing a fitness business. Describe a typical day at work. Starts around 0730hrs, clear emails, attend to admin and operations matters, meetings with customers, network with potential partners probably end with a 45 mins workout for myself around 1900hrs. Why did you decide to enter this industry? I have an unyielding and burning passion in sports and fitness, ever wanting to make a difference for the fitness industry. What do you think is the emerging area of sports science? Performance for recreational athletes and active aging for senior population. How did ECU’s programme help in your current area of w

Bodyweight Exercises (aka Calisthenics) Save You Time & Money - and Give You the Same Results

People have been successfully convinced that they need to spend their hard-earned money on gym memberships. To get your attention, there are gyms that are willing to do anything to get your signature by offering flashy workouts that are often less effective. Fortunately, there is a way out of this. The secret is not a new concept. In fact, it is primal and dates back to our tree-living ancestors – classic bodyweight exercises. Below, I outline some distinct advantages bodyweight strength training has over conventional gym routines and boring cardio (aka running). Zero-money workout option You can get great workouts with zero equipment. The only thing you need to get fit is the desire to bet

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