cmas skills framework

The aim of the Club Manager's Association of Singapore (CMAS) Skills Framework for Country Clubs and Social Clubs in Singapore is to provide key information such as workforce profiles, career pathways and wage trends, desired skills set of each identified occupation so as to guide all employers and employees in the industry in their decision to join the sector.

The framework is inspired by, and in alignment with, the recent push by SkillsFuture Singapore's Skills Framework, which is aimed at developing a common skills language for individuals, employers and training providers. This further helps to facilitate skills recognition and support the design of training programmes for skills and career development. 

Framework Development Philosophy

alignment with national framework

shaping mindsets

Employment focused



shaping mindsets

According to 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, one of the key trends in Human Resource practice that contributed to increasing Employee Engagement is to create a culture of "career and learning", with "opportunity to learn" cited as one of the main reasons to taking a job. 

The key to Shaping Mindsets is to develop a strong culture for learning and development. However, culture is harder to change as compared to strategy. This can be done by working with stakeholders in the Club Management industry to assist them in shaping, articulating and calibrating programmes that suits their needs.

Employment focused

The Skills Framework aims to create a common skills language for individuals, employers and training providers. This further helps to facilitate skills recognition and support the design of training programmes for skills and career development. It is also developed with the objectives to build deep skills for a lean workforce, enhance business competitiveness and increase employment and employability

The Skills Framework also aims to help all job seekers in the early and/or mid-career to make informed decisions on education and training, career development and skills upgrading based on the sector, employment, occupation/job role, skills and training information in the framework.


The Skills Framework is aligned with the national movement, Skillsfuture, to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life. We take reference to existing 31 national skills frameworks for merging skills to ensure alignment to design the most suitable and relevant framework for all. With this framework, we will be able to assist club members to stretch their training budget by referencing, where possible, mappable funded courses.

Leveraging industry expertise

In order to leverage on the industry expertise, there are 4 ways to achieve it:

  1. Tapping on Deep Bench Strength - to leverage on the decades of expertise developed within CMAS so as to ensure knowledge transfer.

  2. Industry Engagement - to gather constant feedback from the industry so as to ensure relevance in curriculum design.

  3. Mappable to BMI Framework - to establish an alignment with BMI Framework under CMAA to ensure that the skills and lessons learnt are mappable and transferable to BMI Framework.

  4. Contextualise to Club Management in Singapore - to contextualise the needs of the Singapore market to ensure relevancy and consistency in teaching and delivery.

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