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ISA believes in quality when it comes to selection of our fitness instructors. With years of experiences in the Sports and Fitness industry, we assure top standard in both theory and practical skills and knowledge. This ensures that all our students are taught by experts of the very industry that they will set foot in.


Some of the key members of our fitness instructors team are as follows:

Raymond Wang

Raymond has a wealth of experience in the sports and fitness industry.  


Apart from obtaining his Master's and Bachelor's in Sports Science and Management from Nanyang Technological University, and a diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Republic Polytechnic, Raymond is also a qualified personal trainer having obtained his certification from American Council on Exercise, as well as a qualified strength and conditioning specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 


Raymond has a great passion for learning and teaching. He also has a 2-star award in Kayaking from the Singapore Canoe Federation, making him a very well-rounded educator in the ISA. He provides much knowledge in a fun and enjoyable manner, and strongly believes in what he does, thus creating a wonderful learning experience.

Master Instructor | MSc, CSCS (NSCA), CPT (ACE)

Dominic Ang

“Equal opportunities, equal education” - this is Dominic’s teaching philosophy. He believes that everyone deserves a substantial education and sees great value in equipping his students with knowledge. He teaches with vigor, enthusiasm, and professional while always catering to the needs of his students.


During his pursuit of an honors degree in Philosophy in New Zealand, Dominic picked up exercise such as gym and zumba as a way to keep healthy and occupied. Also having lived in “Middle Earth” for five years, he spent much of his free time hiking and traversing the countryside. His passion for fitness eventually led him to become an ACE-certified personal trainer and he now hopes to guide and nurture individuals who wish to embark along the same path.


Dominic is also a fitness trainer at the SAFRA EnergyOne gyms and owns a sole proprietorship “DANG”, which caters for public speaking coaching and events emceeing. Combining his firsthand experiences at the gym along with an engaging and purposeful delivery style, he strives to make learning easy and relatable for everyone. Dominic’s friendly and outgoing personality is well loved by his students.


Fun fact: Dominic adheres to a strict self-care routine. Apart from working out four times weekly, personal hygiene and appearance are also among his top priorities. “If you can spend that much time and money taking care of your muscles, surely you can do the same for the rest of your body”.

CPT (ACE) | Fitness Trainer | Voice Coach

Gerald Tay

Gerald Tay is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Muay Thai practitioner and holds a black-belt in Taekwondo but he’s also a human being and father to a teenage son. After 12 years in capitalistic Singapore, sitting at a desk, smoker, poor diets and early stage cancer by his mid-30s, he decided it was time to do something about it.

Since 2010, he went from overweight to fit; smoker to non-smoker; and have never look back since. Gerald believes the best trainers are an odd blend of counsellor, confidant and cheerleader – and thus a certain level of “maturity” and “life experiences” are essential.

A deep passion for sharing, Gerald encourages mature peers over age 40+ everyone can lead lifelong fitness by choice today than regret later. To help clients reduce barriers of entry to exercise, he emphasised personalised home-based workouts over conventional gyms.

Gerald is a career investor with almost two decades of successful real estate wealth and owns a multi-million-dollar property portfolio. He boasts as Singapore’s only qualified personal trainer who’s first a millionaire then trainer.  He advises discerning clients on real estate wealth and fitness. Clients include business owners, HNWIs (High-Net-Worth) and affluent individuals.

A major property investment thinker, speaker for the local property scene and author for Real Estate is a Harsh Mistress, you can also visit him at

CPT (ACE) | Muay Thai | Taekwondo

Hong Yiying

Yiying is a strength and conditioning specialist, fitness personal trainer, and a registered Muay Thai coach under the National Registry of Coaches (NROC). She is the founder of Everlearn Academy with services ranging from fitness training, martial art coaching to academic services. 

Previously a research scientist in chemistry, Yiying is especially keen on exploring the science of sports coaching, exercise and nutrition. She is passionate about helping people keep fit and stay safe. She believes that exercise and being fit has a higher purpose — to add value to the society. That’s why she started Everfit Singapore with the mission to empower everyday people to adopt an active lifestyle and become a positive influencer to the world. 
Hailing from China, Yiying has long been fascinated by martial arts since a young age and has trained in San Da - Chinese Kickboxing, Modern Street Combatives, Catch Wrestling and Muay Thai. She has been trained by the legendary Muay Thai Master Thohsaphol Sitiwatjana (a.k.a. Master Toddy) and was certified by MTIA (Muay Thai International Association) and Thai Ministry of Education as a Kru instructor. She is also a certified instructor of firearm tactical shooting. In 2017, she went to the remote countryside of northwestern China as a volunteer to teach underprivileged kids self-defense skills and physical exercises, as well as first aid and science.


To learn more, go to:


Jacquelynne Tan

Commonly known as Jacq to friends, Jacq has great passion for sports and lives life to the fullest. To escape from the corporate world and balance in life, Jacq has been running a hobby business – Rock.Surf.Chill Inc since 2014 where she organises weekend workout getaways for rock climbing in Krabi Thailand and surf in secret beaches in Bali. 5 years down the line, she has since extended to more exotic locations like Oman in the Middle East. Jacq runs an on-going international climbing community to encourage all to try the sport.

How she began - After going through a cycling accident and a rotator cuff operation in Dubai 2011, Jacq's triathlon training schedule was hampered. Determined not to lose her fitness while recuperating, Jacq become even more curious about anatomy, how the body works, how to gain strength during rehabilitation and then made training incorporating injury prevention in mind for any sport she part takes till today. In 2017 to further nurture this passion, Jacq took the ACE CPT at ISA and has not looked back since. Today, in additional to Rock.Surf.Chill Inc offering, she is now a Strength Performance Coach for triathletes, ultrarunners and uber weekend warriors. Better know as Coach “BlackJacq”, she specialises in kickass KettleBell strength workouts and also occasionally enjoys conducting outdoor HIIT bootcamps.

Fun fact: Jacq indulges in Durian, Char Kuay Teow and Pork Knuckle – all in moderation to keep in healthy and fit mind soul and body!

Founder Rock.Surf.Chill Inc

CPT (ACE) | Strength Coach | Triathalon | Surfing | Rock Climbing

Stephanie Chu

Stephanie is the Co-Founder and Coach of Baseline Fitness, a fitness start-up that provides home-based personal training, senior and recovery exercise programmes and corporate wellness.


She believes that movement is essential to living an optimal, healthy life and that everyone can improve their fitness and overall well-being by participating in exercise. She also believes that anyone can start exercising at anytime in their lives regardless of their age, activity level, or previous experience with exercise.


A certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, Stephanie is qualified to work with cancer patients and survivors to create health and fitness programs that suit their individual experiences and will improve their ability to engage in activities of daily living. She is passionate about exercise as medicine and works with various individuals recovering from illness or injury to improve their fitness and well-being. 


Stephanie is also an avid long-distance runner who has participated in events in places such as the United States, Taiwan and Laos. She loves running and believes that it is a great way for people of all ages and fitness levels to keep moving and fit.

CPT (ACE) | Personal Trainer | Cancer Exercise Specialist

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