Student Policies

Each and every student is equally significant and important to us.  As such, the Academy will constantly strive to provide the necessary support to each and every student, so as to ensure that all our student's needs, are suitably looked after and taken care of.   

Applicable Policies

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The Academy recognises that, as an institution that is seeking to develop the next generation of sporting talents, its students may inevitably be involved in various sporting endeavours that may affect their studies with the Academy.

In this regard, the Academy has in place a set of policies that would allow it to make adjustments to an individual student’s pattern of study or assessment from time to time as its students participate and compete in major events from time to time.

Students with a sporting talent should apply for the Academy's recognition as an elite athlete by submitting the Elite Athlete Application Form, either on acceptance of an offer of a place at the Academy or at the time of registration with the Academy. These applications will be considered by the Management Team. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer will ensure that the names of recognised elite athletes are notified to the relevant Heads of Department and Academic Director.

Recognised elite athletes will be eligible for consideration for flexible arrangements for learning and assessment.

Recognised elite athletes should discuss their training and competition schedules with the Executive, Programme and Academic Management and with their Respective Lecturer at the earliest opportunity, normally at the start of each academic year.

Students who have been recognised by the Academy as having and maintaining sporting talent may apply in writing, citing key dates and a justification for alternative learning or assessment arrangements, to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for consideration for the types of flexible arrangements.

Further details on the Academy’s procedures on how a student may apply to be recognised as a sporting talent are available in the Student Handbook which can be accessed by clicking here.


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