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In light of the COVID-19 situation and latest measures implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH), The ISA Group is pleased to announce the ISA-Live, a series of online courses we have been running since May till August 2020!

We hear the community and we stay committed to ensuring Fitness Professionals who are looking to upgrade themselves will still be able to access high-quality content online courses during this trying time. Besides, you will be able to upgrade your skills and knowledge at the comfort and safety of your home.

Please be assured that the team at ISA is committed to ensuring quality in all courses as we aim to provide Fitness Professionals with opportunities to plan ahead for the season when they return back to their field. We remain committed to undisrupted learning and upgrading of knowledge and skills for the industry.


Same TOP quality assured

Enjoy the course at the safety

and comfort of your home

Upgrade your knowledge to

help athletes and clients

Clock CoachSG CCE Hours and/or ACE CECs

Utilize SkillsFuture and UTAP Funding


Students and Teacher in Classroom

A range of job-ready, industry-recognised Certificates, Diplomas and Degree programmes in the Sports & Fitness and Hospitality & Tourism Industries.


Patient on Scale

Stay current with up-to-date trends and developments. Earn points (from CoachSG, ACE, etc) and find out how you can use SkillsFuture and/or UTAP fundings for applicable courses.



Industry recognised certifications to grow and deepen your knowledge, specially curated to prepare you for the demands of the current industry.


Student Writing

Offering various levels of English courses to prepare students for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination. 



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Industry Educators

Taught by experienced and well-qualified local and international educators who are also industry practitioners.

Industry Recognition

Certifications and programmes recognised by local and international industry leaders.

Strong Industry Network

Providing industry exposure to allow rich learning experience and networking opportunities.

Relevant to Industry

Our study curriculum matches the

industry needs to better understand

the demands of the modern industry.

Wide Variety of Courses

Offering a range of courses and customised programmes to suit varied needs and objectives of the industry. 


Tai Qi Jun

ISA Certified Personal Trainer (leading to ACE Certification), Student

"The instructors at ISA were extremely patient and helpful, I thoroughly enjoyed their classes! After the Circuit Breaker was announced, additional recorded videos were also provided. The visual aids helped me to easily understand big concepts better as it was broken down into smaller points."

Sean Hoo

ISA Certificate in Introduction to Fitness Nutrition, Participant

"Despite lessons being conducted online, I liked that we were still able to have hands-on experience that we did virtually to put what we learn into practice. It was a good refresher course on some of the knowledge I had picked up in the past from general reading. It did offer some respite from the doom and gloom of the Circuit Breaker period and helped me take my mind off things as well. I'm satisfied with the overall learning experience at ISA!"

Julailah Wahid

ISA Certified Personal Trainer (leading to ACE Certification), Student

"One thing I really appreciate is that the staff and instructors at ISA made the effort to prepare additional videos on practical tips and concepts. This really shows the care and thoughtfulness they have towards us, students. ISA has been keeping us students up-to-date of the latest happenings, safety measures and changes implemented by the school. The staff and instructors are generally well-prepared, which is an essential quality to have during this unprecedented crisis!"

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